Human Resource Management Software

is a comprehensive solution designed to automate the activities of the Human Resource Department. It is designed with a easy-to-use user interface. System has the capability to administer the total enterprise & efficiently manage information. Vein Software Solutions will provide you the complete HRM (human resources management) solutions and will cover the whole concept of bolstering from efficiency of payroll, personnel and the strategies of managing employee HRM. Our professional experts will provide you solutions on diverse range of needs and achieving the maximum ROI (return on Investment) with optimal functionality, HRM is a free open source, it is easy and flexible to use for a small and medium sized companies.


Simple and User Friendly Screens and Well formated design reports.Suitable for all type of Organizations


Recruitment Module

This module includes Staff Registration, Dependencies, Material Checklist, Electronic Personal Record, Identifying Job Vacancies, Identifying Suitable Person, Resume Screening, Agency Details, Advertisement Details screens.


Housemen Schedule

This module includes Job Requisition Details, Housemen Details screens.


Employee Transfer Module

This module captures the details of employee transfer.


Promotion Details

This module helps in recording data related to employee promotion.


Resignation/Termination Module

This module includes Resignation Information and Exit Interview Information screens.


Retirement/Termination Module

This module includes Retirement Information and Outstanding Retirements screens.


Performance Appraisal Module

This module includes Appraisal Search, Outstanding Appraisal and Problematic Staff Report screens.


Benefits And Claims Module

This module includes Claims Information, Loans Information and Third Party Deduction Screens.


Leave Administration Module

This module includes Employee Leave Verification and Employee Leave Form screens.


Training Module

This module includes Available Courses, Class Attendance, Training Requisites, Feedback Details screens.


Time Management Module

This module helps in providing the Staff Attendance details.


Payroll Management Module

This module includes Salary Slip Generation and Salary Verification screens.


Reports Module

All the important reports related to this module such as Staff Report, Employee History Report, Staff Attendance Report, Monthly Salary Report, Resignation/Termination Report, Retirement/Termination Report, Job Vacancies Report, Appraisals Report, Discrepancy Report, Staff Training Report are available for view and printing purposes..


  • Recruitment Module
  • Housemen Schedule
  • Employee Transfer Module
  • Promotion Details
  • Resignation/Termination Module
  • Retirement/Termination Module
  • Performance Appraisal Module
  • Benefits And Claims Module
  • Leave Administration Module
  • Training Module
  • Time Management Module
  • Payroll Management Module
  • Reports Module


  • User Friendly
  • Easy to be customized
  • Comprehensive Performance Reports.
  • Graphical user interface
  • Highly secured, user wise authentication of modules


  • Easily upgradable
  • Complete database driven
  • Integrated with all modules
  • No papers
  • Connect multiple branches easily..
  • Less Maintenance