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Pharmacy Management Software

is the keystone of Perfect Integration -a system that can incorporate robotic filling, barcode driven workflow, IVR, inventory management, point of sale, and enterprise management. Today's pharmacists must be supported by powerful, user-friendly pharmacy management systems that can navigate the complexities of dispensing, inventory management, and point-of-sale functions. Central Pharmacy Management System allows your pharmacy to process, track, and dispense all prescriptions with the highest level of security, accuracy, and efficiency.

The opportunities are great; but the pharmacy business is tough and competitive. Drugstores must manage and distribute medicinal products according to many complex laws and regulations. This means managing expiry dates effectively, handling prescription drugs according to legislation, calculating prices based on very diverse insurance schemes, and more.


Simple and User Friendly Screens and Well formated design reports.


Mobile Search

We can access the Previous drug data of Customers by Mobile number wise. And Data retrive very fast and accurate.


Drug Sale

Single click Drug sale Option. User friendly and Both Direct , Credit, Insurance and Employee wise Drug Sale


Supplier Module

Compare Drug rates by Supplier wise and Product wise so we have to know the each supplier rates variations


Summary Reports

100's of Well Formated Design reports , Drug Expiry , Regular Customers , Drug Re order level Allerts. Day of Casheir reports



User wise Permissions Authentication and Screen wise Autherization.


Barcode Generator

Barcode generation of each drug and retreive the data by Barcode very fast.


  • Location Management
  • Drug Management
  • Drug Enquiry Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Purchase Orders
  • Recevings
  • Vendor Payments
  • Issue Management
  • Sale Management
  • Drug Rate Compare Management
  • Mis Reports
  • Finance


  • Simple & Easy to use for the End Users
  • Powerful Features & Reports in every Module
  • Industry-leading drug database including visual drug verifications to minimize dispensing errors
  • Inventory management controls to efficiently manage pharmacy inventory and minimize out-of-stock items.
  • Pharmacy reporting engine for monitoring financial and key performance indicators.
  • Effective Purchase management to reduce costing
  • Regular patient Prescriptions & Reminders
  • Auto Order generation & Best suppliers planning
  • Rapid Refill
  • Alerts
  • Smart Reports
  • Expiry and Near Expiry
  • Sms/Email/ Excel/Csv
  • Stockes, Accounts & 1000's MIS
  • Cross check of Purchase Rates, Disc. Deal & Cost


  • Automatic Refill
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Barcode Generation
  • Batch Verification
  • Insurance Claims
  • Inventory Management
  • Prescription Processing
  • Prescription Verification
  • Zero Percent chance of Manual Mistake Best Relations with Patient & Doctors
  • Customers Satisfaction & Business Improvement
  • Easy & Fast Billing with minimum Enter Required
  • Barcode/Strips Code/Item Code/Item Name wise Search
  • Sales in Strips & Tablets
  • Prescription Wise Sales & Pending Reminders
  • Indications, Doses, Side effects, Spl. Precautions etc
  • Various type of Discounts
  • Expired Item Boundation & Near Expiry Indication
  • Loss/Margin Loss Indication
  • Pharmacy Billing can be attached with Hospital software
  • Gross Profit reports on Day/Month/Item/Company/Bill & Supplier wise with zooming up to Bill
  • Suppliers wise Stocks, Dumping, and expiry & Valuation
  • Single User, Two User & Multi User
  • 100% Data Security & Accuracy